Building Better Neighborhoods

In its continuing effort to maintain and provide affordable housing opportunities to the community, the NHA actively seeks and creates development opportunities and solutions that serve both the needs of the community and benefit the surrounding neighborhoods. Some active projects include those below.

Choice Neighborhood Initiative

Norwalk Housing Authority was awarded a 2010 Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) Planning Grant for Washington Village/South Norwalk by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Only 17 planning grants were awarded nationwide - out of more than140 applicants for this new initiative that builds upon the success of the HOPE VI program. The goal of the CNI is to assist communities with workshops that will be scheduled during the 18-month planning effort to encourage the development of “Transformation Plans” for targeted distressed housing and their neighborhoods to create economically and socially diverse, healthy, and vibrant mixed-income communities.

The ongoing success of the Transformation Plan will be supported through the various Task Force committees that focus on People/Education, Neighborhoods and Housing. The City of Norwalk has pledged financial match commitments and letters of support demonstrating the City’s collaborative community support. Public age broad community input.

For a copy of the CNI proposal, please call the NHA office and one will be provided to you.

For more information contact Tom Ivers at (203) 838-8471, ext. 135,

RFP for Consultant Services for Choice Neighborhood Implementation Grant

Case Management RFP

Addendum #1 RFP for Case Management

Choice Neighborhood Information

12/15/2015 - Transformation Plan I. Executive Summary

12/15/2015 - II. Setting the Context

12/15/2015 - III. Community Engagement

12/15/2015 - IV. Neighborhood Strategy

12/15/2015 - V. Housing Strategy

12/15/2015 - VI. People Strategy

12/15/2015 - VII. Education Strategy

10/03/2014 - Norwalk Introduction Slides

10/03/2014 - Choice Neighborhood Initiative HUD Site Visit- People & Education Presentation

10/03/2014 - Choice Neighborhood Initiative Neighborhood Activities Slides

10/03/2014 - Choice Neighborhood Initiative Plan Overview

06/24/2013 - Transformation Plan Cover Letter

05/28/2013 - May 1, 2013 NHA Public Hearing

05/22/2013 - Public Hearing minutes for May 1,2013

04/29/2013 - Community Open House

03/14/2013 - Norwalk Boards

03/12/2013 - Spanish Version Annotated Executive Summary

03/12/2013 - Annotated Executive Summary

02/07/2013 - Panel backs Washington Village plan

12/13/2012 - General Meeting

11/30/2012 - Future meetings

11/30/2012 - November 19, 2012 meeting

11/21/2012 - CNI Draft plan photo

10/18/2012 - Washington Village/CNI Status Update

10/04/2012 - Service Inventory 9-21-12

10/04/2012 - Community information fair 9-22-12

09/11/2012 - CNI Save the Date

06/08/2012 - Meeting Notices

04/24/2012 - CNI Task Force Committee Members

04/24/2012 - CNI Informational Letter and Materials

11/09/2011 - Task Force Meeting Evaluation and Results

09/28/2011 - HUD Site Visit and Kickoff Task Force Meeting Minutes

Neighborhoods Sidebar

The Capital Improvements Division
NHA works to ensure the continued viability of the 18 Housing Communities it owns and manages through essential non-routine maintenance, revitalization, or redevelopment. The capital construction program includes the development and oversight of state (DECD-funded) and federal (HUD-funded) capital budgets and the selection and management of consultants and contractors.

Capital Construction main office is located on 1st floor at 24 ½ Monroe Street

•  Phone: (203)-838-8471 ext. 134
•  Email:

Energy Performance Contract/ARRA Green Grants
NHA has made a significant capital investment in state-of-the-art energy efficient systems at our elderly high-rise buildings and family properties including new PV solar panels, white rubber roofing, Energy Star windows and doors, new Energy Star Furnaces.