Please contact us at the numbers and extensions below:


Mailing Address:
(203) 838-8471
(203) 838-6535
1 (800) 545-1833

24 ½ Monroe St.
Norwalk, CT 06854
Departments and Staff
Cathy Hopkins, Receptionist x.120
Curtis O. Law, Executive Director x.128
Candace Mayer, Deputy Director x.131
Anabell DeLaCruz, Administrative Assistant x.140
Cynthia Schmitz, Executive Secretary
Martha Rodriguez, 
Administrative Assistant
Fred Diaz, Accounts Payable x.143
Guillermo Bendana, Purchasing Specialist x.130
Thomas Hickey, Director of Finance x.133
Paul Modugno, Assistant Director of Finance x.136
Sureka Parikh, Accountant x.142
Ronald Richardson, Accounts Receivable
Sherry Robinson, Accountant 
Nicole Ruffin, Human Resources  x.137
Kim Hein, Scholarship Coordinator x.190
Craig Adler, Fundraising Director  x.845
Maintenance & Construction
Barbara Antzoulis, Technical Secretary x.139
Gregory Lickwola, Construction Manager x.134
Guy Rocco, Director of Maintenance x.132
Housing Operations
Karen Solicito, Section 8 Inspector x.147
Maria Ayala-Duhan, Section 8 Specialist x.126
Marie Juleau, Family Self Sufficency Coordinator
Jamie Banks, ROSS Grant Coordinator
x.186 x.180
Krasimira Carlucci, Director of Housing Operations x.125
Dereck Couturas, Section 8 inspector x.178
Giselle Hanson, Section 8 Specialist x.183
 Raquel Taveras, Family Self Sufficency Coordinator x187
Aurora Holley, Occupancy Specialist x.123
Racquel James, Admission Specialist

Thomas Ivers, Choice Neighborhood Project Coordinator

Lillian Ortiz, Occupancy Specialist x.122
Lisa Roger, Choice Neighborhood Partnership Manager x.188
Michael Crafter, Choice Neighborhood Education Coordinator x. 176

Information Technology
Irvin Clemons, Director of Information Technology x.182
Learning Centers

Patricia Marsden-Kish, Director of Educational Programs

203-838-8471 ext 184

Wendy Gerbier, Director of Learning Centers

203-852-1144, ext 102

Tiana Brown, Assistant Director of Learning Centers

203-852-1144, ext 103