If you have a repair request for your residence, please contact us at the following number. Please call us as soon as possible.

When calling in a Work Order please call ONLY the service’s 24hr. line/7 days a week @ (203) 853-9091. 

When calling,  please let us know the type of maintenance request and if this is an emergency request for service (service needed within 24 hours).

Examples of emergency maintenance requests include:

  • Smoke detector(s) not operating 
  • No heat in entire apartment 
  • Main stoppage (all sinks, bathtub, toilets) 
  • No hot water 
  • Major pipe burst 
  • Toilet stoppage (with one toilet in home only) 
  • No electrical service in the entire apartment (when utility bill has been paid) 
  • Lock out (you will be charged)

NOTE:  For gas leaks please call YANKEE GAS directly at 1-800-989-0900.


Click on the link for updated NHA Maintenance Charges