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09/21/21 - RFP Integrated Pest Management Services Addendum No. 1

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Please submit as part of your proposal the Bid Form attached.


RFP for Integrated Pest Management Services

Date: 9/21/2021

To all applicants of record:

This addendum is issued to clarify, add, delete, correct and/or change the proposal documents to the extent indicated and is hereby made a part of the above noted RFP documents on which the contract will be based. Any modifications/changes made by this addendum affect only the portions or paragraphs specifically identified herein; all remaining portions of the proposal to remain in force. It is the responsibility of all Applicants to conform to this addendum.



1) Q- On page 12 it adds up to 959 units but on page three (background paragraph) it states 2,000 families. Please clarify that page 12 is correct.  A- Page 12 is correct. The 2,000 families include our Section 8 vouchers.

2) Q- On page 12 there are 4 high rises listed. How many floors are in each of the four and how far do we park to service all properties? A-

Roodner Court- 3 floors

Leroy Downs- 4 floors

West Ave- 3 floors

Meadow Gardens- 3 floors

3) Q- May I get a copy of the last winning bid please? A- Norwalk Housing Authority had an inhouse exterminator. From time to time we would call other pest control companies to assist depending on the situation.

4) Q- As Mr Blume stated during the zoom, usually bed bugs are not lumped in with the maintenance. A-We have modified the Bid Form (page 13 of the RFP) as follow: We are requesting a price for the quarterly maintenance for all pests except bedbugs. Separately we are requesting a price for treating an active identified bedbug infestation. This price will include a full 3 rounds of treatment on the identified active infested unit and 1 round of preventive treatment on the units left, right, across, above, below of the identified unit. Provide pricing based on the average square footage of each bedroom size. (Please see updated Bid Form attached to this addendum).

5) Q- What if the tenant does not follow the protocol for bed bug preparation for our scheduled appointment? A-The contractor will be required to treat any and all accessible areas in the unit and report to Norwalk Housing possible lease violation. Norwalk Housing will contact the tenant and or to arrange proper preparation and arrange another scheduled appointment with the contractor to continue full treatment of the unit as needed. If the tenant is not compliant Norwalk Housing will take refer lease violation to our legal counsel.

6) Q- What if we don't get paid as promised, because we will suspend service and also expect to get paid to recoup our initial investment which I estimate will be at least triple of the quarterly maintenance? A-Norwalk Housing policy is to pay on a "Net 30" after we received the invoice. If the Contractor has not received payment withing this period, we encourage the Contractor to reach out to us to clarify the status of the payment and we will do our best to make sure payment is made at the earliest scheduled check run. As a government agency we will honor our contract and make payment accordingly. With that said, we are seeking to partner with a Contractor who is willing to be understanding and flexible in regards to providing uninterrupted integrated pest management services.

7) Q- Will we just be treating the kitchens or also the bathrooms? A- Yes, we included the kitchens and bathrooms in the square footage calculation. If bathrooms, how many are there? School Street and King Kennedy has 1 & ½  bathrooms.

8) Q- Is there consideration that ApolloX is veteran owned? A-No.

9) Q- Will there be separate line items for exterior bating and/or rodent control? A- We ask that bating and/ or rodent control be included as part of the quarterly pest management services.



(Page 14-15)



I have read and understand all rules, regulations, and terms of conditions regarding the Request for Proposal for Integrated Pest Management Services, pages 1- 13 and I further understand that by submitting a proposal, I shall follow and abide by the rules, regulations and terms herein.

QUARTERLY PEST MANAGEMENT SERVICE TO ALL NH UNITS to control and eradicate all pests except bedbugs. To help us compare pricing please provide pricing for pest management based on the average square footage of each bedroom size.

Bedroom Size: Average Sq. Ft. Fixed Fee:
EFF 440 $
1BR 487 $
2BR 824 $
3BR 1,010 $
4BR 1,283 $
5BR 1,129 $


ON-CALL FULL & PREVENTIVE BEDBUG TREATMENT SERVICE: Three (3) treatments to the designated apartment and one (1) treatment to the apartments located left, right, across the hall, above, and below, of the designated apartment to control and eradicate bed bugs. To help us compare pricing please provide pricing for On-Call Full & Preventive Bedbug Treatment Service based on the average square footage of each bedroom size.

Bedroom Size: Average Sq. Ft. Fixed Fee:
EFF 440 $
1BR 487 $
2BR 824 $
3BR 1,010 $
4BR 1,283 $
5BR 1,129 $

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