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Board of Commissioners Meeting March 9, 2023

Notice of Meeting

The Regular Meeting of the Housing Authority of the City of Norwalk will be held at 5:30 PM. March 9, 2023.

Location in Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 867 8002 7118
Passcode: 560694
One tap mobile +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)

1. Roll Call:

2. Report of the Secretary:

a. Learning Center Black History Month Celebration

b. Ludlow Commons electrical work complete

c. Dates and Times of future meetings - 5:30pm April 20, & 5:30pm May 11 , 2023.

3. Old Business:

a. Updated Norwalk Housing Parking Policy

4. New Business:

Discussion and Approval of :

a. Federal Operating Budget FYE March 2024 -

All statutory and regulatory requirements met:

1. The PHA has enough operating reserves to meet the working capital needs of its developments.

2. Proposed budget expenditures are necessary to meet the efficient and economical operation of housing for serving low-income residents.

3. The budget indicates a source of funds adequate to cover proposed expenditure.

4. The PHA will comply with the wage rate requirement under 24 CFR 968.110.

5. The PHA will comply with requirements for access to records and audits under 24 CFR 38.110(i)

b. Write-offs vacated accounts fiscal year ending 3/31/2023 total:

• Federal - $114,235.95
• Colonial Village - $15,277.06

c. Resolution to Authorize Submission of Section 18 application for Meadow Gardens.

d. NHA updated Section 3 Policy with HUD Key Changes

e. Commissioners and staff of attend PHADA Annual Conference and Exhibition to be held May 21st -24th at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, 1550 Court Place, for an Early Bird registration fee of $495 and room rate of $225 per night plus taxes and fees.

f. February 9, 2023 Minutes

g. Department Reports :
Treasures Report - December 2022
Bills and Communication - January 2023
Operations - February 2023
Modernization (MOD) - February 2023
Maintenance - February 2023
Learning Center - February 2023

Respectfully Submitted,

Adam Bovilsky
Executive Director / Secretary