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May 5, 2023 at 4:30pm Tree Planting Ceremony at Roodner Court Learning Center

Join State, Local and Community Leaders for a Tree Planting Ceremony at the Roodner Court Learning Center made possible by a DEEP Grant

What: On Friday, May 5th, Mayor Rilling, Senator Bob Duff, State Representatives Dathan, Johnson and Marra, Common Council Members, leaders of the Norwalk Housing Authority, and children from the Roodner Court Learning Center will plant a series of Evergreen Trees made possible through a Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Urban Forestry Climate Change Grant Program. This grant was awarded to the City of Norwalk's Tree Advisory Committee and will allow the City to plant a total of 29 Evergreen Trees at the Norwalk Housing Authority's Roodner Court Learning Center. Children from the Learning Center will help backfill the trees with soil while enjoying environmental educational activities. The grant was awarded to the City of Norwalk to assist in our efforts to pursue urban forestry projects while enhancing equity and implementing environmental justice goals for the community. For further information about the DEEP Urban Forestry Equity Grant Program, please visit

• Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling
• State Senator Bob Duff, Senate Majority Leader
• State Representative Lucy Dathan
• State Representative Dominique Johnson
• State Representative Tracy Marra
• Common Council Members
• Erica Kipp, Chairperson of the Norwalk Tree Advisory Committee
• Adam Bovilsky, Executive Director of the Norwalk Housing Authority

When: Friday, May 5th at 4:30 PM

Where: The Roodner Court Learning Center, 261 Ely Ave, Norwalk, CT 06854