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Norwalk Housing Foundation Scholarship Awards July 19, 2023

The Norwalk Housing Foundation grants scholarships to Norwalk Housing students who choose to pursue higher education. On July 19, 2023, the NHF will award over fifty scholarships to eligible students.

In addition to the students and their families, this event welcomes many of the Foundation donors and the Scholarship Committee members. Special guest speakers include:

  • Harry Rilling - Mayor of the City of Norwalk
  • Bob Duff - CT State Senator and Senate Majority Leader 
  • Stephanie Thomas - CT Secretary of State  
  • Brenda Penn-Williams - Chair of the Norwalk Housing Board of Commissioners

We are incredibly grateful to The Sono Collection, 100 Water St, Norwalk CT for making the The M & T Magnificent Room event space available and to Bryan Fuentes and his team for orchestrating the set up.

Thanks also to PINTRIPES: Bistro Bowling and Bocce for supporting this event.