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Board of Commissioners Meeting 1/18/2024

Notice of Meeting

The Regular Meeting of the Housing Authority of the City of Norwalk will be held at 5:30 PM on Thursday January 18, 2023. 

ZOOM Location:

Meeting ID: 848 2789 1143 
Passcode: 928459 

One tap mobile: 
+16469313860,84827891143#*928459# US 

1Roll Call:

2.  Report of the Secretary:  

    a. PHADA Convention Feedback

    b. LC Christmas Event

    c.  MTW flexibility funding

    d. Commissioner Retreats

    e.  Dates and Times of future meetings - 5:30pm February 8 & 5:30pm March 14, 2023 

3. Old Business:

Presentation and discussion regarding:

    a. Meadow Garden redesign

    b. Eviction moratorium and its impact on the NHA 

4. New Business:

Discussion and Approval of:

    a.  Amendment to Administrative Plan

    b. December 6 & 19, 2023 Minutes 

    c. New Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator Laura Gomez Climent, new NHA FSS Coordinator to attend Nan McKay group live seminar, March 12-14. The purpose of this seminar is to explore FSS inside and out, covering the information critical to Program success. This three-day training seminar presents full program information, including HUD regulations at a cost of $1000 ($825 for online seminar plus $175 certification exam). 

    d. Sophia Stewart to attend Spectrum Compliance C3P Tax Credit Certification Online Pre-Recorded Seminar at the Housing Authority discounted rate of $600. This includes an eBook and Certification exam. 

e. Department Reports:  

   Presentation of Finance Report - October 2023
   Presentation of Learning Center Report -December 2023
   Bills and Communication - November 2023
   Admissions / Operations -December 2023
   Modernization (MOD) -December 2023
   Maintenance -December 2023

Respectfully Submitted,

Adam Bovilsky   
Executive Director / Secretary