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Annual Meeting June 13, 2024

Notice of Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Housing Authority of the City of Norwalk will be held at 5:30 PM on Thursday June 13, 2024. 

Location in ZOOM meeting: 

Meeting ID: 868 0045 0434 
Passcode: 921009 

1.Roll Call:

2. Report of the Secretary: 

a. CDBG Awards
b. Danbury Savings Bank Donation
c. Major Events Planning
d. Dates and Times of future meetings - 5:30pm July 11, 2024, Scholarship Ceremony July 31st

3. Election of Officers:

a. Chair
b. Vice-Chair
c. Treasurer

4. New Business:
Discussion and approval of:

a. Monterey Village Bond Issuance Resolution

b. Repayment of Oak Grove loan to Sound Communities

c. Tax abatement agreement for Meadow Gardens redevelopment

d. QAD Audit

e. Contract with Nan McKay for services:
- One-year Annual PHA Plan
- Five-year PHA Plan
- Full HCV review
- Operating procedures review
f. Hiring policy process and procedures review

g. EnVision Center reservation policy and reservation form 

h. Renewal of FCA Senior Services contract 

i. Architect selection for kitchens at 16 School Street

j. Minutes of meeting May 16, 2024

k. Department Reports: 

Presentation of Finance Report - March 2024
Bills and Communication - April 2024
Admissions / Operations -May 2024
Learning Center Report - May 2024
Modernization (MOD) -May 2024
Maintenance -May 2024

Respectfully Submitted,

Adam Bovilsky   
Executive Director / Secretary