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Public Notice BOC Meeting October 14, 2021

Notice of a Meeting

The Regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority of the City of Norwalk to be held Thursday October 14th, 2021, at 6:00 PM.

Location in Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 873-647-1484
Passcode: 518797
Via telephone dial: 1-646-876-9923

1. Roll Call

2. Report of the Secretary

a. Soundview Landing Ribbon Cutting/ Leasing Update/Financing Update

b. Colonial Village Update

c. COVID 19 Update

d. Upcoming Meetings November 18 and December 9th

3. Old Business:

Discussion and or approval of the following:

a. Discussion of Eviction Prevention Caseworkers

b. Designate CNI Developer Fee Funds for Headquarters Accessibility updates,  Leroy Downs Security renovations and new front and back doors at King Kennedy.

4. New Business:

a. HUD 2022 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Payment Standards

b. 2022 Childcare Payment Standards

c. Supplemental Professional Service Fee Related to Colonial Village Expansion

d.  Authorize the Norwalk Housing Authority to enter into an easement agreement with the City of Norwalk for Traffic Signal Equipment at 20 West Avenue and to receive compensation in the amount of $5,140.

e.  Commissioners and Staff to attend NAHRO ZOOM discussion entitled HUD Conversions: What you want to know before you start. October 20-21 1:30-4:00pm ET at a membership cost of $295.00 per person.

f.   Minutes of the 9.09.2021 meeting

g.  Minutes of the 9.30.2021 meeting 

h. Department Reports

Treasurers Reports - Aug/September 2021
Bills and Communications - August 2021
Admissions / Occupancy - September 2021
Maintenance - September 2021
Modernization (MOD) - September 2021
Learning Center Report - September 2021
Choice Neighborhoods (CNI) Report - September 2021

Respectfully Submitted,

Adam Bovilsky
Executive Director / Secretary