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01/31/23 RFP Oak Grove Solar Panel Financial Modeling and Installation

Oak Grove

Request for Proposals:
Solar Panel Financial Modeling and Installation
January 25, 2023

Issued By: Heritage Housing, Inc. 3 Pine St. 1st Floor Norwalk, CT 06854

In partnership with Norwalk Housing Authority
24½ Monroe St. Norwalk, CT 06854

I. Background
A partnership of Heritage Housing, Inc. ("Owner's Representative") and the Norwalk Housing Authority ("Owner"), seeks through this Request for Proposals ("RFP") a proposal for solar panel financial modeling and installation services for Oak Grove1 in Norwalk, CT ("Project").
The Project will be constructed on land located at 164 West Cedar Street, Norwalk CT. The Norwalk Housing Authority ("NHA") currently owns a 7.62-acre site there adjacent to its 200-unit Colonial Village apartment complex. The NHA has partnered with Heritage Housing, Inc. ("HHI") and the joint venture ("NHA/HHI Partnership") has developed plans to finance and construct Oak Grove, a 69-unit affordable housing development and an approximately 5,000-square-foot community center ("Project"). A bidding process for the general contractor ("GC") is underway.
The Project will be financed with 4% LIHTC equity, tax-exempt bond construction to permanent financing, and Connecticut Department of Housing HTF or HOME funds. The NHA/HHI Partnership intends to develop the property starting in late spring 2023, with opening expected in mid-2024. Due to the use of DOH HOME/HTF funds, the Project will require Davis-Bacon prevailing wages and Section 3 compliance.
The Owner seeks to outfit the property with a solar installation ("Installation") to generate electricity in a "Buy-All-Sell-All" arrangement with the local electric utility, Eversource.
The Owner will select a solar installer from the respondents to this RFP to install solar panels at the property.
Anticipated Schedule:
• RFP Submission Date: February 24, 2023
• Solar Panel Installer Selection: March 10, 2023
• Construction Start Date: May 1, 2023
• Construction Completion Date: April 30, 2024

II. Scope of Services
The selected solar installer will enter into a contract with the NHA/HHI Partnership's subsidiary entity and will coordinate on a regular basis with the Owner. The Installer shall be responsible for delivering the Installation on time and within the defined budget. A summary of the scope of services is included below:
• Provide a thorough, detailed technical specification package for the solar installation and all necessary infrastructure.
• Assist Owner with cost estimating, value engineering, and scheduling during pre- development.
• Coordinate with the GC to ensure installation is completed in a timely manner as buildings are constructed.

1 Also known by its pre-development name "Colonial Village Phase II"

Due to the use of state funding at the site, the project is subject to Federal and State prevailing wages and Section 3 labor requirements. Furthermore, preference will be given to proposals from MBE/WBE-certified Installers.
Proposals for financing terms are welcome but not required.
III. Exhibits
Included with this RFP are the following exhibits:
• Site plan and 3d Rendering (Exhibit A)
• Prevailing Wage Determination (Exhibit B)
• Construction Contract Template (Exhibit C)

Please email Lisa Endo at for PDF copies of the exhibits before February 23, 2023.

IV. RFP Submission Requirements A response shall include:
• Cover letter
• A technical proposal outlining the sizing and placement of solar panels based on the provided site plans and renderings, as well as all infrastructure and equipment necessary to support the operation of the Installation.
• A complete bid including a clear description of services offered by the Installer and an Installation quote for materials and labor. Please note that the project is subject to prevailing wage under the Davis-Bacon Wage Act. The bid should include a net cost analysis based on the following:
o Tax Credit eligibility under the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022
o Expected depreciation
• A proforma financial model for the operations of the solar Installation, with assumptions and results, considering:
o Peak and average energy generation
o Connecticut Zero-Emission Renewable Energy Credits
o Expected environmental and climate conditions
o Projected physical degradation of the Installation
o Projected maintenance
o Projected savings on Owner's electric bill during Project operations, based on expected utility costs for the Project over the expected lifetime of the Installation.
• Installer's history and qualifications and resume.
• List of projects recently completed by the Installer.

V. Proposal Submissions
Proposal submissions shall be sent no later than February 24, 2023 to: Luke Zbroszczyk:
Lisa Endo: