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05/07/2021 - Addendum No. 2 RFP for Development Partner for CV Phase II Construction

Addendum no. 2

RFP For Development partner for cv Phase II Construction

Date: 5/7/2021

To all applicants of record:

This addendum is issued to clarify, add, delete, correct and/or change the proposal documents to the extent indicated and is hereby made a part of the above noted RFP documents on which the contract will be based. Any modifications/changes made by this addendum affect only the portions or paragraphs specifically identified herein; all remaining portions of the proposal to remain in force. It is the responsibility of all applicants to conform to this addendum.

Questions and Answers

Q- How much of the design and site plan is completed and is it approved by planning and zoning?

  • A- This project has been approved by planning and zoning, drawings are nearly complete. We are willing to entertain some tweaking to the design and plan.

Q- Would the housing authority want to retain any portion of the management, as in maybe the front office?

  • A- Yes, we understand that there is a need to share management responsibilities. To make sure we meet any goals of funders. NH does not a long history of LITC management. We understand that some management responsibilities would have to be share or pass on. NH is very eager to learn and gain experience necessary for LITC management and we will be judging the RFP in part with an eye to how much the co developer would feel comfortable with us taking on some of the management role. Our NH board are very keen on maintaining some ability to respond to complains and the needs of tenant. This role would shift over time as NH gains experience in LITC management.

Q- Provide a background of colonial village (CV).

  • A- CV was built in the 1950s. There are 200 units and a learning center that serves an after school and summer program for students K trough 5. In the 1980s CV was refinanced and redeveloped with moderate rehab subside in the units. Adjacent to that property is a fairly sizeable empty field which is the site for CV phase II. The goal of the development is to build 69 new units of housing for mixed income in addition to a community center structure that will serve as a new learning center for our students as well as a management office for the entire development. NH will be maintaining ownership of the land with the land to lease to sound communities which is our holy control subsidiary non-profit which will be your primary partner. This location consists of the 200 old units and the 69 new units. 

Q- Has a contractor been selected already or would the developer be expected to provide recommendations or a process to select a contractor?

  • A- No, a contractor has been selected at this time and we would work collaborately to choose a contractor.

Q- How was the development budget put together?

  • A- We have calculated it on a 4% bond deal. We are willing to work collaboratly with the co developer partner on alternate structure.

Q- Can NH provide a copy of drawings of the proposed development?

  • A- Please see pdf attachment "colonial village new housing plans" in the RFP's & RFQ's section of the website.

Q- Can you provide any more detail to the RFP comment "project will include ample parking, more than is required by zoning"? How much parking is actually proposed?

  • A- City zoning requires 1.3 spaces/unit; this development was approved for 2.0 spaces/unit. This increase was due to required spaces for the learning center and NH's board of commissioners wanting more than 1.3 parking spaces based on their experience in other developments where tenants have more than 1 vehicle.

Q- Can you confirm who the architect is?

Q- Can you provide a list of people who participated in the kickoff call or have otherwise registered to receive information?

  • A- See below list of participants. 
    • Adam Bovilsky
    • Brian Robinson
    • Christina Musante
    • David Mccarthy
    • Ding Wang
    • Ed Lachance
    • Gary Flocco
    • Gavin Morrison
    • Geof
    • Glickw
    • Guillermo
    • Hamza Syed
    • Jesper Glysing - Jensen
    • Kenneth Pai
    • Keniv Velez
    • Samer Gupta (NHT)

End of addendum

Guillermo Bendana procurement specialist Norwalk Housing Authority 24 ½ Monroe Street Norwalk, CT 06856 203.838.8471 ext. 130