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09/11/2021 - RFP Ludlow Commons Management Services

Norwalk Housing Authority of the City of Norwalk

Request for Proposals Housing Management Services

Ludlow Commons Congregate Housing

11 Gregory Circle

Norwalk, Connecticut

September 9, 2021

The Housing Authority of the City of Norwalk owns a 44 apartment congregate facility with assisted living services provided by an outside contractor, financed by the State of Connecticut, Department of Housing that has been occupied since January of 1996.  The building management is part of the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority portfolio, and the Congregate Services and RAP components are administered by the State of Connecticut, Department Housing.  The residents are frail, elderly.

Management agents for the facility are hereby solicited.  Proposals must be received by Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 4:00pm.  Late proposals will not be considered.  An original and five (5) copies shall be submitted to Adam Bovilsky, Executive Director, Housing Authority of the City of Norwalk, 24 ½ Monroe Street, Norwalk, Connecticut 06854.

There will be a property tour on Thursday, September 30, 2021, at 2:00 pm.

In order to receive any possible addendum, please provide your contact information to Guillermo Bendana, Procurement Specialist at (203) 838-8471 ext. 130.

The following is an outline of services to be provided:

  • Daily meal service in dining room; (1 per day) Preparation may be contracted, but meal must be prepared on-site.
  • 24-hour site emergency response attendant
  • 4 hours per unit month housekeeping service to be provided in no more than 2-hour increments
  • Cleaning of common areas
  • Cleaning of dining room/kitchen
  • Housing management including waiting lists, resident selection and re-certification including RAP if available, and Congregate Services Subsidy, preferably by using housing software such as HAB/MRI.
  • Social and recreational services (provide schedule and staffing)
    All bookkeeping and support services and equipment necessary to accomplish above
  • Preparation of Management and Congregate Services Plan
    Optional additional services
  • Interior and exterior maintenance of the facility including grounds
    More detailed requirements are attached

A detailed description for each of the above services shall be provided including staff hours, job descriptions and if available, resumes.  

At least five (5) years of Congregate Management, Assisted Living, or comparable experience is preferred.  Three (3) references for congregate housing management or comparable housing with support services shall be provided.

Information on the management agent's experience and a list of present and previous projects for which the firm has provided congregate or similar services shall be provided.

The Authority will evaluate the following criteria in the final selection of management agent.

  • Capability of the management agent
  • Understanding of the project
  • Detailed services plan
  • Proposed staffing pattern
  • Budget reasonableness
  • Experience with Department Housing, Connecticut                      Housing Finance Authority and /or other regulatory                    agencies, Regulations and Procedures
  • Housing software used for waiting list management,                  certification and Re-certification

Proposals become the property of the Housing Authority of the City of Norwalk, and the Authority maintains the right to reject proposals and to negotiate with respondents and obtain additional information.

If there are any questions, please contact Guillermo Bendana, Procurement Specialist at (203) 838-8471, extension 130.  

Ludlow Commons

Management Requirements

I. Role and Responsibility of Management Agent (Agent)

  • Implement systems, policies, procedures, and regulations for approval by the owner in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  • The Agent and its representatives shall be mindful of the services and costs, duties and responsibilities to maintain the best possible living conditions for residents in a friendly, welcoming environment.
  • General activities of the Agent shall include but not be limited to the following:

    Daily Operations:

  • Maintenance of a fully occupied complex in compliance with state, local and regulatory requirements.
  • Professionals and professional systems to support site staff in managing day-to-day situations as they arise.
  • Sound maintenance of total facility for long term use, safety, security and well being of the residents.
  • Resolution of special problems in a timely manner, such as delinquencies or family crisis situations.
  • Resolve emergency facility problems and advise owner as soon as possible.


  • Responsible for hiring, supervising, and terminating site staff.
  • Training site staff and providing resource materials to enhance services.
  • Liaison with regulatory agencies Department of Housing and Connecticut Housing Finance Authority and local authorities to assure compliance with current regulations.


  • Timely rent collection and services payments or other payments with appropriate action on delinquencies.
  • Purchasing and contracting for cost effective services within approved budgetary constraints in accordance with the owners Procurement Policy.
  • Computerized record keeping systems, including timely and accurate monthly and year-end reports on collections and disbursements.
  • The prior approval of the owner shall be required for any non-budgeted expenditure which exceeds two thousand ($2,000) dollars for labor and/or materials in connection with the maintenance and repair of the housing facility or for an emergency repair or to avoid suspension of an essential service.
  • Pay operational expenses of regular and routine matters in accordance with approved budget.
  • Preparation of all required regulatory reports for owners filing with the regulatory agencies.
  • Prepare Management Plan and Congregate Service Plan for approval by the Housing Authority and Department of Housing


  • Detail what legal, professional (insurance, building maintenance trades, services, and engineering), and social service agencies will be accessed for assistance including an organization chart.


II. Staffing

  • Detail organizational supervision of staff responsible for the housing complex in all capacities.
  • Specify site staff, qualifications, and responsibilities.
  • The Agent will be responsible for complying affirmatively with all federal, state and local employment regulations and Equal Employment Opportunity requirements.

III. Plans and Procedures for Marketing and Maintaining Occupancy

  • The Agent will be responsible for orientation of residents including leases, rights, responsibilities, and care of apartments.  The Agent will prepare a resident handbook that addresses use of equipment, concerns, common area use, security, visitor parking, pets, etc.  Part of the orientation must take place after occupancy so that the actual use of and relevancy of the information is more useful.
  • The Agent will select residents in accordance with the Tenant Selection Policy in accordance with State regulations and Fair Housing laws.
  • The Agent shall submit a lease for approval by the Owner and Department of Housing and or Connecticut Housing Finance Author or its successor.  Changes in the lease require Owner and regulatory approval.  Changes must be made before annual recertification to comply with any changes in laws or regulation and submitted to owner for approval.
  • Prepare and implement Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan.

IV. Resident Eligibility and Certification/Recertification

  • The Agent shall submit written procedures to the Owner for approval of application processing.
  • The Agent shall determine financial eligibility in accordance with the Department of Housing regulations as may be amended from time to time.
  • Leases shall be reviewed with applicant before move-in and at renewal.  If necessary, leases shall be printed in languages other than English.

V. Other Policies/Procedures

  • The Agent shall submit other written policies/procedures to the Owner before approval as requested or needed including but not limited to such subjects as pets, guests, parking, grievances, rent collection, transfers, Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan and others as maybe required.

VI. Resident Relations

  • The Agent shall solicit participation of residents in every way possible to determine needs, policies, procedures, program, and services and seek to incorporate majority requests whenever possible.  The Agent will encourage and assist the residents in formation/operation of a formal or informal Resident Council or Committees.

VII. Accounting Records, Forms and Vouchers

  • All necessary government forms will be filed by the Agent as scheduled.
  • At the end of each month a general ledger shall be provided by the Agent, which allows the Agent and Owner to know the financial status not later than the end of the subsequent month.
  • The Agent shall have a written procedure for distribution of funds to ensure accurate and timely payments.
  • The Agent shall have internal controls to ensure safe and proper handling of funds.
  • All regulatory requirements such as annual financial statement, et cetera, shall be fulfilled by the Agent including monthly or quarterly reports.  (Audit will be done by Owner.)
  • The Agent shall submit monthly reports to the Owner to show cash flow, vacancy loss, funds disbursement and status of cash accounts.

VIII. Maintenance and Repair

  • The Owner will provide the Agent an inventory of apartments, boiler rooms, mechanical equipment, and ground equipment and supplies that shall be updated annually.
  • The Agent shall develop procedures for written move-in and move-out inspections with the resident or designee.
  • The Agent shall develop a schedule for apartment and common area painting for approval.
  • The Agent shall propose how grounds upkeep, including snow/ice removal, will be handled.
  • The Agent shall have a procedure for annual apartment inspections, correction of maintenance work and preventative maintenance.
  • The Agent shall have a schedule of cleaning grounds, common areas and trash removal including recycling.
  • The Agent shall develop a detailed work order procedure with quality control checks and residents charged for items beyond normal wear and tear for Owner approval.
  • The Agent shall develop an inventory system for materials, supplies and equipment.
  • The Agent shall develop procedures for assuring site security.
  • The Agent shall develop an annual list of charges the residents may be assessed.

IX. Congregate Services

  • The Agent shall design and coordinate the food service delivery provided through on site staff either by employees or through contract.  Food must be prepared by a Certified Chef.  This includes meal planning, food acquisition, scheduling, and training.  Having appetizing meals that satisfy residents is a key function of the Agent.  Agent shall conduct resident food satisfaction surveys at least semi-annually.  All Board of Health regulations must be followed.  If any special meals are included, designate.  Also, if any additional food beyond dinner meal (typically served mid-day but open to results of resident survey that shows preference for another time) will be served, detail.
  • Housekeeping staff shall be hired, trained, scheduled and supervised by the Agent.

X. Social Programs

  • The Agent shall state what methods will be utilized to maximize the independence and quality of life for residents and provide sample monthly schedules of activities including times.
  • The Agent shall detail if any resident transportation services shall be included.

XI. Congregate Services

  • Fees will be determined through competitive negotiations between the Owner and short list of potential agents after initial screening based upon budgetary constraints.
  • The approved Management Plan establishes per unit monthly rent of $814.00 which includes all utilities except the resident's telephone and cable television.  The Congregate Services Plan establishes a per unit monthly fee of $977.00 for all support services including the noon main meal.

XII. Assisted Living Services

  • Under a separate contract assisted living services are provided to residents.  The Agent shall coordinate with the assisted living services agency. (ALSA) for client referrals, health programming and space sharing for the betterment of the residents.

XIII. Length of Service

  • The Owner and Agent will enter into two (2) year contract with three (3) one (1) year renewable clauses.
  • Proposed a start-up schedule for service delivery not more than 30 days from award.  Start-up anticipated on or before January 2, 2022.