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Director of Finance



DATE: 9/17/2010

POSITION SUMMARY: The Director of Finance is a strategic thought-partner, who reports to the Executive Director. This is a hands-on and participative manager who leads and develops an internal team to support the following areas: finance, business planning and budgeting, IT and purchasing. The Director of Finance and Administration plays a critical role in partnering with the senior leadership team in strategic decision making and operations as NHA continues to enhance its quality programming and build capacity. Duties require thorough knowledge of current accounting techniques, the policies and procedures of the Housing Authority and the accounting and reporting requirements of the Department of Housing and Urban Development as well as other Federal and Connecticut agencies. Exercises considerable independent judgment in the execution of financial transactions. Supervision is exercised over the Financial staff. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Executive Director and is evaluated through independent audits required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and other funders, and evaluation of results. Oversees finances of the Norwalk Housing Authority, Norwalk Housing Foundation, and Sound Communities.


  1. Supervises and reviews the work of various projects and departments in the performance of their fiscal operations. Directly supervises financial staff. Develops procedures for carrying out or improving operations.
  2. Manages the preparations of reports or statements pertaining to the Authority's fiscal operations for the Executive Director, the Board of Commissioners, the general public, and the regional and national officers of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and other funders.
  3. Monitors the approved expenditures by periodic comparison of approved amount to actual expenses. Supervise the maintenance of all ledgers and reports actual to-date expenditures to Executive Director, and others as necessary. Entering information into HUD LOCCS system.
  4. Directs and supervises the collection and deposit of all Authority rental receipts and the proper disbursement of all funds for purchases, contract, payrolls, and other necessary expenditures; manages, receives and deposits Authority funds other than rental receipts and determines proper coding for distribution purposes.
  5. Prepares cash flow and availability information as necessary; evaluates growth strategies of the Authority to determine financial needs and risks; assists in allocating resources to accomplish objectives. Oversees preparation of checks that are written using Authority funds and directs internal cash flow.
  6. Exercises continuing controls to ensure compliance with budgetary guidelines, internal auditing requirements and inventory controls, and cost reduction techniques.
  7. Supervises all Housing Choice Voucher Program fiscal activities including budgeting, funding requests, and other financial reporting of the respective programs.
  8. Maintains Short Term Investment Fund (STIF) and Money Market investments, and oversees contract insurance and property registers.
  9. Prepares requisitions through LOCCS for operating subsidy, Development and Modernization costs. Coordinates and monitors the computer information systems.
  10. Oversee the development and maintenance of HACN's computer system; coordinate with program users and vendors to resolve problems.


11. Directly supervises Purchasing Specialist.
12. Directly supervises Director of Information Technology.
13. Directly supervises all Finance Department staff.
14. Initiates correspondence regarding financial and accounting activities; supervises and maintenance of departmental files and records.
15. Coordinates and manages Authority budgets, including: monitoring budget accounts; allocating budgets; preparing budget revisions; and reviewing budget calculations.
16. Performs or supervises the performance of the required internal audits.
17. Performs other related duties as assigned by Executive Director.
18. Attends appropriate staff and Board of Commissioners meetings as required.


1. Thorough knowledge of the laws and administrative policies governing Housing Authority financial budgeting practices and procedures.
2. Thorough knowledge of accounting principles, methods, and practices.
3. Superior knowledge of office practices, procedures and accounting software.
4. Thorough knowledge of the general principles of finance, including budgeting and reporting.
5. Ability to formulate and implement standard GAAP accounting methods, procedures, forms, and records.
6. Ability to prepare informative financial reports and to plan, organize, direct, and evaluate the work of subordinate employees.


1. Graduation with a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with specialization in accounting or related field.
2. Considerably progressively responsible experience in financial management, including five years supervisory experience in a Housing Authority's accounting department.
3. CPA Preferred.


1. Must be bondable.
2. Possession of a valid Connecticut motor vehicle operator's license.