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RFP Norwalk Housing Authority Tenant Relocation Services Addendum No. 2

                                  NORWALK HOUSING AUTHORITY


ADDENDUM #2 to Request for Qualifications (RFP) for Tenant Relocation Services


Addendum Date:                     4/26/2023

RFP Submission Deadline:      5/4/2023 at 6:00PM EST


To all applicants of record:


This addendum is issued to clarify, add, delete, correct and/or change the Request for Proposals (RFP) documents issued on 4/4/2023 and is hereby made a part of the RFP documents on which the contract will be based. It is the responsibility of all Respondents to conform to this addendum.




Question 1.        How many 3 bedroom apartments are in NHA's portfolio? Are these being held vacant as a source of housing for Meadow Gardens residents?  How many are expected to be vacant by project start?


NHA Response: NHA will right-size thirteen (13) over-housed Meadow Gardens families within NHA developments as vacancies arise. All other households will be relocated with a Tenant Protection Voucher.


If a 3-bedroom public housing unit in NHA's portfolio becomes available after the 90-day notice has been sent, the selected contractor will be notified so that they can offer the unit to a Meadow Gardens family needing to relocate. However, it is up to the tenant to decide if they wish to relocate to a public housing unit in NHA's portfolio.


NHA is currently considering implementing a policy to hold vacancies for Meadow Gardens families. NHA is also considering a policy requiring families to move to available public housing units after there have been numerous failed attempts to secure a private apartment.


Question 2.        Is NHA able to run soft credit checks on residents to assess their likelihood of successfully leasing up with a mobile voucher?


NHA Response:  A credit workshop will be held in early May 2023 for all Meadow Gardens residents.  Residents will be able to obtain a copy of their credit report following that meeting and will be eligible for one-on-one credit counseling with a local partner agency.


The selected contractor will also ascertain any potential barriers, credit score or otherwise, to securing an apartment and will work with the residents to address these barriers.


Question 3.         Will having a rent balance preclude residents from obtaining a mobile voucher?  If so, how many of the 41 households currently have a rent balance?


NHA Response:   NHA staff is working to develop the policy regarding any residents who have a rent balance. There are currently some households in this situation but we will not disclose the number at this time.


Question 4.        Do Meadow Gardens residents currently pay their own electric utility or is this included in their rent?


NHA Response: Yes.  Meadow Gardens residents have individual utility accounts which they pay directly to the provider.  Electric is not included in their rent.


Question 5.        Will the Tenant Relocation Services Consultant be responsible for assisting residents with completing Section 8 applications and obtaining all supporting documents?


NHA Response: No. Meadow Gardens families will be eligible to receive the Tenant Protection Voucher without going through the typical Section 8 application. For any paperwork related to the voucher or qualifying the apartment, NHA's Occupancy Specialists will be responsible for assisting Meadow Gardens residents. The selected contractor will need to help communicate with residents and/or landlords about the process and help ensure protocols are followed in a timely fashion.


Question 6.        What are all the sources of funding for the redevelopment of Meadow Gardens?


NHA Response:  The sources of funding for redevelopment have not been confirmed. NHA anticipates using 4% Low Income Housing Tax Credits, tax exempt bonds, conventional debt, CT Department of Housing funds, project-based Section 8 vouchers, and NHA equity to finance the redevelopment.


Question 7.         How far in advance of project construction is NHA engaging the Relocation Agent?


NHA Response:  NHA plans to engage a tenant relocation assistance provider in Summer 2023. Demolition and the start of construction is currently slated for Summer 2024.


Question 8.         Will NHA be providing funds for market apartments requiring first, last and security deposits up front?


NHA Response:  Yes.  NHA will pay a maximum of two months' security deposit to assist with lease-up. These funds are returned to NHA when the tenant moves out.


Question 9.         Is there a project budget for broker fees?


NHA Response: No.  A broker is not currently in the budget.



Question 10.      What is NHA's plan to keep in touch with residents during the multi-year construction period?  Will NHA provide resident support during their time off site?


NHA Response:NHA will maintain regular contact with relocated residents.  A primary means of tracking changes to the household will be through a relocation survey that will be sent to relocated households on a bi-annual basis.  It will also help identify and target assistance to any residents who need specific support while relocated. The selected contractor will assist with coordinating this contact and support.


Question 11.      Is NHA providing residents a legal right to return?  Will there be any limitations to this right to return (e.g. household income, rent balance, etc.?


                NHA Response:  NHA's goal is to maximize the number of Meadow Gardens households that return to the newly constructed units.  All Meadow Gardens households who are in good standing and in compliance with their lease shall have the opportunity to return. This policy will be articulated in the Relocation Plan to be approved this Summer.



Question 12.      What are the project specifics of the redeveloped site?  Total count by unit size and Source of rental subsidy.


                NHA Response:   The redevelopment project is still in the design phase. NHA is estimating that it will have 23 2-bedrooms and 35 3-bedrooms. Project-based Section 8 vouchers will provide rental subsidy on some units. This is all subject to change.






Clarification 1.                  If a household that is entitled to a three-bedroom apartment chooses to relocate to a two-bedroom apartment, they will need to adhere to the rent payment standard for a two-bedroom apartment.









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