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Spring 2021 SVL Newsletter

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Embrace diversity in your community by ensuring all neighbors are celebrated and welcome.

Soundview Landing Management Voice

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide specialized information to the Soundview Landing Community. It is our goal to develop and foster a greater sense of community pride at Soundview Landing.

We will use this newsletter to reiterate policies and procedures, to spotlight community highlights, and fun informative information. Our goal is to help residents understand how to enhance the community while working together with the management company.

A key to maintaining a health quality of life is to embrace diversity in our community, ensuring all neighbors are celebrated and welcome. We encourage your feedback regarding the content of newsletters.

SVL Community News

SLV Staff Directory Ryan Park 2018 prior to Washington Village Redevelopment. Soundview Landing prides itself on its diverse community, which is full of culture. In an effort to enhance our community we are excited to host a:

"Meet and greet your neighbors and Staff "event. There will be food, games, prizes, music and more. Please RSVP by April 12th with Resident Service Coordinator @ 475.470.0572 or Email to attendance list. All CDC protocols will be followed and mask must be worn at all times.

Soundview Landing has begun development of Phase III, 30 Day Street Buildings D & E. There will be picnic and playground areas with built-in grills! Community Room, Fitness Center, Club Room and a Rooftop Deck. Onsite parking will be available in a garage under the buildings and in a surface lot adjacent to the buildings. We appreciate resident referrals which result in a signed lease and will be rewarded. Stay tune for incentives for eligible referrals.

Soundview Landing will be re-opening all amenities and common areas effective April 5th under CDC COVID-19 guidelines to maintain social distancing wearing a mask/face covering while in common areas.

Gym Hours: 5AM - 10PM daily

Club House Hours: 5AM - 10PM daily

Rooftop Hours: 5AM - 10PM daily

Common Room Hours: Access by appointment only during normal business hours

SLV Community Safety- COVID-19

Although CT has reopened majority of its state attractions at Soundview Landing, residents and staff safety is our highest priority. Therefore, CDC guidelines and recommendations of social distancing, wearing masks/face coverings must be followed will in common areas of our community. Common areas include the hallways, lobby, mail area, stairwells, and elevators.

Staring April 1st, persons 16 years of age and older will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. If you are interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, please visit to search of vaccine sites or call 877.918.2224. Also coming soon. In partnership with Uber, PayPal and Walgreens, LISC has created the Vaccine Access Fund to support free Uber rides to and from COVID-19 vaccine sites for people in communities hard hit by the pandemic.

SLV Safety, Visitors, Mail and Deliveries

PACKAGES/DELIVERIES - have designated areas to receive mail and packages. All packages must be picked up from this area within 48 hours of deliver or they will be removed from the mail area. Failure to retrieve packages in a timely manner causes clutter and potential safety hazards. In addition, 30 Day Street will have cubbies installed soon. To help organize the mail area, packages will be placed in cubbies, which will be labeled by apartment mailbox number. It is also recommended to have packages delivered directly to your door or to a local distribution center. Management is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen packages.

MAIL- Inside each mailbox is a card for you to complete with the names of all household members. Remember to place your apartment number on your change of address forms. Note: Current 30 Day St Residents should start adding Building C to your apartment number. Junk mail should not be placed in the outgoing mailbox instead discharged in the trash. Mail mistakenly placed in your mailbox should be placed in the outgoing mail slot.

VISITORS - Residents are responsible for the actions and behavior of all visitors. If a visitor breaks SVL house rule, the residents will be in violation of your lease. Please make sure your guest is aware of the house rules and adhere to them at all times. Your visitor behavior could result in eviction from SVL, so be sure you choose your visitors accordingly.

SAFETY - SVL is a secured property. Residents must use your key fob to enter the building and allow access to your guest via the intercom system. At no time should you open the door for persons seeking entry to the building, or should you leave doors propped opened.

ENTRANCES AND HALLWAYS - Entrances, hallways, and other semi-public areas shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than entering or exiting, no personal item(s) are allowed in the common hallways. Residents and their guests are expected to be in proper attire at all times. Residents and their guests are not permitted to smoke, carry any lighted product, carry open containers or consume alcoholic beverages throughout SVL common areas.

Maintenance Tips

  1. Remember to turn on your bathroom fan while in the shower to prevent moisture build up.
  2. Avoid clogs in the kitchen sink. Don't throw bones or food in your garbage disposal.
  3. Avoid toilet clogs, only dispose toilet paper in your toilet.
  4. Use tall kitchen trash bags when disposing in trash receptacle.

SVL Community Staff Directory

Main office telephone number:
(203) 714-8060

Toni Hernandez - Senior Property Manager
Joselyn Vazquez - Property Manager
Tameca Rocke - Assistant Property Manager
Yolanda Ecton - Resident Services Coordinator
Elizabeth Boitano - Administrative Assistant
Kenny Mosquea - Service Technicians
Alberto Serrano - Service Technicians

Soundview Landing Leasing Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 9am- 5pm

Leasing Office:
20 Day St. Norwalk CT 06854.

Resident Services Coordinator telephone number:
(475) 470-0572

After Hours Emergency Work Order telephone number:
(203) 714-8060 select option 3.

House Rules Reminders

Payments - Rent payments are due at the first of the month. Additional fees for lock-out and key replacements are due the following month with your rent payment.

Trash Removal - Trash is to be separated, securely wrapped in plastic bags and placed inside trash compactors. Improper disposal (leaving trash anywhere other than inside the provided containers) will be subject to a $10 fine per bag and $50 fine per furniture or boxes.

Smoking - This is a smoke free community, residents or guests of residents shall not carry or smoke any kind of lighted smoking apparatus in any apartment or common area, including parking areas, grounds, or porches. SVL is not required to take steps in response to smoking unless there is actual knowledge of or has been given written notice of said smoking.

Pest Control - Pest control will begin in April. You will receive written notice with date and time of scheduled pest control treatments.

Pets/Service Animals - Pets/Service animals must be registered with the management office. Pets on property without a Pet Addendum on file with the office is a lease violation. Pet Addendum must updated annually. All pets must be restrained by a leash or pet carrier and accompanied by its owner at all times.

Rent Café - Rent Café is an online portal you can use to pay your rent, submit and maintain records of work orders and office requests. If you have any questions regarding this feature, please contact Resident Services Coordinator for assistance.

National Fun Dates to Remember

  • April Fool's Day - April 1
  • Day of Silence - April 9
  • National Siblings Day - April 10
  • National Pet Day - April 11
  • Honesty Day - April 30
  • Loyalty Day - May 1
  • Laughter Day - May 2
  • National Nurse's Day - May 6
  • Mother's Day - May 9
  • Memorial Day - May 31
  • National Smile Day - May 31
  • National Say Something Nice Day - June 1
  • National Donut Day - June 5
  • Father's Day - June 20