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Occupancy Specialist



POSITION SUMMARY: Under general supervision of the Director of Housing Operations, to perform a variety of duties and responsibilities involved in the day to day operations of public housing complexes, and to determine continuing eligibility for recipients. Assists the Director of Housing Operations to implement management procedures developed in accordance with well-defined policies and regulations of the Housing Authority, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development and the Connecticut Housing & Finance Authority.

1. Responsible for timely recertification of residents of Public Housing. Interview residents to complete and clarify the prescribed verification forms. Obtain all required signatures, calculate rent, and complete the related correspondence and data entry.
2. Review verifications and certification for completeness and consistency; participate in error identification, analysis, prevention, and corrective action.
3. Maintain accurate and complete resident files.
4. Inform eligible recipients of their responsibilities and Housing Authority functions.
5. Investigates if provisions of the lease are being followed, and assist in investigations of lease violations and corrections. Participates in tenant integrity program by thorough inquiry and follow-up on informational tips. Reports suspected and verified fraud to supervisor.
6. Initiate legal action following well defined and established criteria and procedures. Take necessary follow-up action.
7. Prepare and maintain a variety of reports, records, files, documents, and logs related to housing operations.
8. Respond to requests for information and assistance related to NHA policies and procedures, respond to questions concerning compliance with pertinent rules and regulations.
9. Review, interpret, and implement policy and regulations relating to the Public Housing Programs.
10. Provide staff assistance to the Director of Housing Operations, prepare and present staff reports and other necessary correspondence, assist in preparing proposals for revisions in NHA policy and procedures.
11. Perform a variety of general office duties including serving as third tier receptionist, filing, and typing, compose letters and other routine correspondence, and coordinate record control system to ensure integrity of file system.
12. Operate a variety of office equipment including word processor, calculator, photocopier, computer, and fax machine used in the preparation, copying, transmittal, and storage of information.
13. Public and Indian Housing Information Center (PIC)/TRACS reporting.

14. Provide temporary and vacation relief in similar occupational fields including public housing admissions as necessary.
15. Advise applicants and participants concerning community services and self-sufficiency programs.
16. Perform related duties and responsibilities as assigned.
17. Provide targeted information and referral for all NHA related programs including CLC, FSS, and senior programs.
18. Represent NHA in Housing Court as required.

1. Knowledge of sources of information necessary to establish eligibility for housing assistance.
2. Ability to interview to obtain sensitive information.
3. Facility in working with numeric calculations. Ability to estimate the accuracy of computer calculations.
4. Ability to maintain a high level of productivity.
5. Able to utilize modern office practices, methods, and computer equipment.
6. Knowledge of principles and procedures of record keeping, English usage, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation, and basic mathematical principles.
7. Ability to read, learn, interpret, and explain Housing Authority procedures, policies, rules, and regulations, and apply technical operational procedures, legal mandates, policies, rules and regulations to a variety of procedures.
8. Able to learn Housing Authority lease and rental requirements and apply program eligibility criteria.
9. Able to deal constructively with conflict, and to meet and deal tactfully and effectively with the public.
10. Ability to exercise good judgment, flexibility, creativity, and sensitivity in response to changing situations and needs, and to maintain confidentiality of sensitive client information.
11. Able to work effectively with people from a variety of social, economic, and racial backgrounds.
12. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing and to maintain confidentiality of all applicants and participants.
13. Able to establish, maintain and foster positive and harmonious working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
14. Ability to work with little supervision.

1. Two years of specialized clerical experience including experience working with the public, preferably with numerical calculations.
2. Graduation from high school supplemented by specialized training in counseling, social science, typing, computer operation, bookkeeping, office procedures, or a related field.

1. Ability to work in a standard office environment with ability to sit stand, walk, and twist.
2. The ability to speak Spanish fluently is desirable.
3. Must be bondable.
4. Must have a State of Connecticut Drivers License.
5. Within 12 months of employment must pass examination on rules and rent calculations and other related program areas as required and updates on new areas necessary for completion of responsibilities.