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09/29/2023 RFQ / Proposals Construction At Risk Services

Sound Communities-Norwalk-CM RFQ-P.pdf

Sound Communities, Inc. is the development arm of the Norwalk Housing Authority. Sound Communities, Inc. is seeking qualification packages/proposals from construction management companies and general contractors with experience in affordable housing development in Connecticut for preconstruction and construction management services related to the demolition of a public housing project and new construction of 56 affordable residential units and a community center located in Norwalk, CT.


RFP RELEASE DATE: 09/29/2023 

SITE TOUR: 10/05/2023 at 10:00AM

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Qualification packages/Proposals must be submitted on or before October 20, 2023 at 6:00PM EST. Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered. 

SUBMISSION PROCESS: All qualification packages/proposals must be submitted via email to

CONTACT: Request for information (RFIs) should be directed in writing via email to with the subject line "RFI - CM RFQ/P." RFIs must be received by October 12. Responses to RFIs will be sent via email to the inquiring party, as well as published on the Norwalk Housing Authority website on the "Doing Business" page under "About Us."


Sound Communities, Inc. is soliciting qualification packages/proposals from construction management companies, general contractors, and other qualified consultants to provide preconstruction and construction activities for an affordable housing development project in Norwalk, CT. 

Complete qualification packages/proposals must be submitted via email to on or before Friday, October 20, 2023 at 6:00PM EST. 

After review of all factors, including without limitation, qualifications, past performance and the bid amounts, Sound Communities, Inc. reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals or any part thereof, to waive defects in same, to waive technicalities, to accept any proposal and to award the contract to the bidder that Sound Communities, Inc., in its sole discretion, determines as the most responsible and qualified bidder, which may not necessarily be the lowest bidder.


Sound Communities, Inc. (Sound Communities) is an instrumentality of the Norwalk Housing Authority (NHA) and a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, non-profit organization. The purpose of Sound Communities is to create and preserve affordable and mixed-income housing. Project types include new construction, acquisition-rehab, and redevelopment of public housing through RAD and Section 18 Demo/Dispo. Project financing sources typically include Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), Connecticut Department of Housing (DOH), Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA), and Section 8 housing vouchers, among others. 

The Board of Directors of Sound Communities is made up of NHA executive staff. The NHA Board of Commissioners, members of which are appointed by the Mayor of Norwalk, provides additional governance and oversight to Sound Communities. 


The subject of this Request for Qualifications/Proposals (RFQ/P) is a public housing redevelopment project located at 45 Meadow Street in Norwalk, CT. NHA received approval from the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to demolish Meadow Gardens, a public housing development owned and operated by NHA since 1960, through a Section 18 Demolition/Disposition. NHA will dispose of the 3.78-acre property to its instrumentality, Sound Communities, to redevelop into affordable housing restricted to 60% of area median income (AMI) and less. Tenants will be relocated off-site beginning in Fall 2023 with the goal of demolishing the existing improvements in Summer 2024. 

The 45 Meadow Street Redevelopment Project ("Project") consists of 56 residential units that are a mix of flat apartments and two-story townhomes. There will be nine residential buildings, which include both two-floor and three-floor walkups that are wood framed structures on concrete foundations and slab on grade. The total area of residential space is approximately 80,000 sq ft. 

Proposed Residential Unit Mix
1 bedroom 4 units ±900 sq ft
2 bedroom 15 units ±1200 sq ft
3 bedroom 30 units ±1500 sq ft
4 bedroom 7 units ±1800 sq ft

There will also be a standalone community center of 6,000 sq ft that is three floors and will have an elevator. The community center will house a property manager's offices, package room, gym, community room, Learning Center for afterschool and summer programming, and maintenance shop.

The Project will adhere to Energy Star requirements and current plans propose installing solar panels on residential buildings and the community center. The design team is exploring the financial feasibility of constructing to passive house standards. 

Amenta Emma Architects is the project designer. Other consultants that have been selected include site/civil engineer, landscape architect, structural engineer, MEP engineer, surveyor, traffic consultant, sustainability consultant and environmental consultants. 

The Project must adhere to Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA), DOH and HUD standards in regard to procurement, construction, environmental considerations, labor and wages, and other related matters, depending on the actual funding sources. 


Construction costs are roughly estimated to be $30 million. An independent cost estimator will provide a schematic drawings estimate by late September to refine the project budget. 

Sound Communities intends to finance the Project using 4% LIHTC, tax exempt bonds, debt, DOH funds, project-based vouchers, grants and developer equity. This is subject to change. 

As of the release of this RFQ/P, schematic drawings and project site plan are complete, the zoning permit application process is underway, the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and geotech reports are pending final approval, and an assessment of hazardous materials is scheduled for this fall. 

The team is working towards submitting a pre-application to CHFA/DOH in October 2023 as part of the Fall Development Engagement Process (DEP). 

Major milestones for the Project are estimated as follows: 

Estimated Timeline Project Milestone:

September 2023 - Complete Schematic Design and Civil Drawings
Complete Environmental/Geotech Begin Tenant Relocation 

October 2023 - Procure Construction Manager/Planning & Zoning Special Permit Approval/Submit pre-application to CHFA/DOH

March 2024 - Complete Construction Documents

May 2024 - Secure Building Permit 

June 2024 - Complete Tenant Relocation/ Close on Project Financing

July 2024 - Demolition/Construction Start

January 2026 - Substantial Completion 


Sound Communities is seeking construction management (CM) services from a qualified firm with demonstrated experience in affordable housing development. 

The selected firm must be able to begin work under this contract immediately upon being selected. The anticipated contract start date is November 15, 2023. 

The selected firm will be contracted to perform the following services, which are subject to change during contract negotiations.

• Participate in the design development process as a valued member of the design team by attending relevant meetings (on Zoom) and giving input on construction methods and materials;
• Provide input and recommendations on the project's energy efficiency goals and how to meet them, including considerations for solar panels and passive house design;
• Evaluate the constructability of project plans and provide informed recommendations in written form to the design team;
• Estimate construction costs as required and participate in meetings with the independent estimator to reconcile any discrepancies;
• Support the CHFA/DOH Developer Engagement Process and Consolidated Application with written input and supplemental information as needed to submit a strong and complete application; 
• Create construction schedule, taking into account Owner requirements for tenant relocation and re-occupancy;
• Develop plans for site logistics;
• Liaise with Commission for Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) regarding project hiring and other matters to ensure compliance;
• Liaise with utilities companies and other service providers as needed; and
• Liaise with the Norwalk Building Department and other City Agencies on issuing the Foundation and Superstructure Permits.

During Construction:
• Perform all necessary duties as General Contractor (GC) of the project per contract details;
• Manage entire construction of project according to Owner-approved plans and specifications;
• Purchase materials and supplies in timely fashion;
• Recruit, qualify, and hire subcontractors;
• Enforce Section 3 and WMBE hiring requirements and meet Section 3 goals;
• Lead weekly construction meetings and coordinate with all parties, including the Construction Administrator;
• Submit accurate payment requisitions and abide by Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage requirements per project funding guidelines; and
• Track Section 3 and WMBE recruitment and hiring activities and submit reports to Owner as required.

• Develop, coordinate and monitor the resolution of "punch list" items;
• Coordinate, monitor and resolve all warranty issues to the satisfaction of Sound Communities, Inc. one year from substantial completion (beyond such date where applicable);
• Develop and maintain an effective program of all operating manuals, maintenance manuals, and any preventative maintenance data and deliver of the foregoing Sound Communities, Inc.;
• Provide on-site staff to address commencing issues following occupancy;
• Provide a complete formal owner training of all systems installed as part of the Contract; and
• Schedule and conduct a "pre-end of warranty" walk-through.


A qualified firm will demonstrate the following:

• Experience in construction management for affordable housing development projects that utilize CHFA, DOH and HUD funding sources, including Low Income Housing Tax Credits;
• Experience working in Fairfield County, CT;
• Experience working with public housing authorities;
• Track record of successful projects that were completed on time and on budget;
• Knowledge of passive house, energy efficiency standards, and sustainable methods of building; and
• Relationships with skilled subcontractors and familiarity with HUD Section 3 requirements.


Requests for Information (RFIs) may be submitted via email to with the subject line "RFI - CM RFQ/P" on or before October 12. Inquiries will be responded to via email and all RFIs and their responses will be posted to the Norwalk Housing Authority website on the "Doing Business" page under "About Us."  

A representative of Sound Communities will be offering a site tour of 45 Meadow Street on Thursday, October 5 at 10:00AM. Interested parties are asked to RSVP to Lisa Endo at

It is not a requirement that applicants submit an RFI or attend the site visit. 


The successful bidder will be required to execute AIA Documents A133, A133 Exhibit A, and A201, as modified, in form substantially as attached as Appendix 3.


Firms responding to this RFQ/P are required to submit by e-mail a complete, signed qualification package/proposal by 6:00PM EST on Friday, October 20, 2023 to with the subject line "CM RFQ/P." Late submissions will not be considered. 

Qualification Package/Proposals must include the following:

1. Proposal Cover Sheet.
Complete and sign the attached Proposal Cover Sheet (Appendix 1).

2. Company Information.
a. Brief company overview, including commitment to diversity in hiring and subcontracting.
b. Descriptions or Tear Sheets of three (3) recently completed affordable housing projects where firm was engaged as a CM, including project location, total project costs, unit count, if CHFA or DOH provided funding.
c. List of projects currently underway, including Project Name, Site Address and Developer.
d. Copy of company's Connecticut Major Contractor's License.

3. Organization and Employee Experience.
Indicate how Company will staff the project.  Provide one-page resumes for each member of the proposed team, indicating role, responsibilities and experience with affordable construction in Connecticut.  Indicate each team member's time commitment on a staffing chart.  It is a requirement of the RFQ/P that assigned staffing for the project remain involved from pre-construction through construction and close out.  Demonstrate the company's experience managing projects and specifically experience managing affordable housing construction projects.

4. References.
Contact information for three (3) clients for whom you performed services of a similar nature, including their contact information.

5. Schedule.
Company shall complete the project in accordance with the established schedule.  In this section describe your project approach to scheduling and the key tasks.  Indicate how the proposed team will ensure deadlines will be met.  If a more aggressive schedule can be achieved, please provide this as additional information.  Provide examples of experience with projects of similar size and scope completed within required schedules.

6. Budget.
The successful bidder shall manage the construction phase of the project to ensure project is completed within the established budget indicated in this RFQ/P.  Explain your approach to budget management.  Provide a sample budget that will be submitted on a monthly basis during construction of this project.

7. Project Reporting.
Successful bidder will be responsible for producing comprehensive reports (RFI, Submittal, Change Order, Budget, Material Status Logs, etc.).  Provide examples of what your firm normally provides to effectively communicate project progress and potential issues.  Explain how these reports are used to manage subcontractors and overall project progress.  What is the extent of subcontractor input for these reports?  What is the bidder's policy when a subcontractor does not provide the required information?  Identify the type of software the bidder proposes to utilize.

8. Safety.
a. Briefly discuss your firm's proactive approach to safety and OSHA compliance, specifically what will be done to maintain a safe environment for workers and visitors.  
b. Provide a letter from your insurance carrier indicating your EMR rating for the last three years.  This must be the company-wide rating, not a rating for a single division or service.  
c. Bonding Capacity - Provide the name of your bonding company, bonding limitation, best rating, name and telephone number of your agent.

9. Close-out.
Briefly describe your firm's proposed management of the close-out process and how your procedures will ensure a timely close-out.  Explain your policy for management of warranties, O&M manuals, owner training, change orders and proper commissioning, punch list, certificate of occupancy, etc.

10. Change Orders.
A bidder awarded a contract under this RFQ/P shall provide quality control of document review during the construction document phase to ensure all documentation is 100% complete prior to bid.  Describe your firm's approach to document review, quality control, change order management including the firm's process for validation of change orders and assurance of best available pricing.

11. Bid Packages.
Does your firm apply standard bid packages or evaluate each project to determine the best way to package work?  What is your approach / process?  Describe the method used to detail portions of work that a trade contractor is responsible for.

12. M/WBE Subcontractor Participation.
Describe your firm's method to involve M/WBE subcontractor participation in the performance of the work on a first-tier basis.

13. Past Claims or Disputes.
Indicate any claims, disputes, or arbitration proceedings that have occurred on any projects in the last five (5) years. Indicate who they were with and the current status of each, even if pending. 

14. Forms.
Fill out the Fee Proposal Form (Appendix 4) and attach as a separate PDF when submitting your qualifications package via email. Save the file as "Oak Grove Fee Proposal." 

Separate from the Fee Proposal Form, the Company must also complete and submit as part of the overall Package the following documents:

a. the Construction Manager Task Matrix Form (Appendix 5);
b. the Preconstruction Staffing Matrix Form (Appendix 6); and
c. the Construction Staffing Matrix Form (Appendix 7).

In submitting a qualifications package and proposal, the respondent acknowledges that neither NHA nor Sound Communities will compensate the respondent for any submission or contract negotiation costs, including costs for preparation, appearances, interviews, and/or travel expenses. 


A proposal may be corrected, modified, or withdrawn provided that the correction, modification, or request for withdrawal is made by the respondent in writing and is received prior to the Submission Deadline. After the Submission Deadline, the respondent may not change the proposal fee or any other provision in its proposal in a manner prejudicial to the interests of Sound Communities and/or fair competition. Sound Communities reserves the right to retain submitted proposals and not permit withdrawal for a period of 90 days after the Submission Deadline. 

Sound Communities reserves the right to determine the days and hours that the selected contractor shall provide the services called for in this RFQ/P. 

Sound Communities reserves the right to require the contractor to keep accurate timesheets for all employees assigned to perform any project, task or assignment resulting from this RFQ-P and any resulting contract. 

The respondent certifies by submission of a proposal that it is not a debarred, suspended, or ineligible contractor by any Agency of Federal of State government. No proposal received from a debarred, suspended, or ineligible contractor will qualify for award. 


The company and its subcontractors must comply with the insurance requirements of the Project funders, at no additional cost to the Owner/Developer. 

The company shall furnish evidence of the following forms of insurance from a company with A rating or better in the current edition of Best's Rating Guide. 

• General Liability:  $2,000,000 
• Automobile Liability: $1,000,000 per accident, covering all owned, non-owned, leased or rented motor vehicles
• Workers' Compensation: Statutory 
• Employers' Liability: Bodily Injury by Accident: $1,000,000 
• Bodily Injury by Each Employee: $1,000,000
• Professional Liability: $5,000,000 

The company must provide a copy of each applicable policy. Insurance coverage must be maintained until completion of the project. All insurances must include the following endorsements: 

Sound Communities, Inc.
c/o The Housing Authority of the City of Norwalk
24 ½ Monroe Street 
Norwalk, CT 06854 

Appendices 1-7 available in the link at the top of this page.