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CNI Relocation Services - HOU

HOU's Relocation Services have been an essential part of many successful redevelopment projects. HOU works with redevelopment team members to plan for and carry out the relocation of residents who either must temporarily or permanently move because of property renovations or demolition. It is HOU's mission to ensure that residents are treated fairly and experience minimum physical and emotional stress during the relocation process.

To date, HOU has successfully provided relocation services and all accompanying technical assistance at 75 properties in 43 cities in the United States. HOU complies with all federal, state, and local guidelines regulating relocation activity and works closely with our clients to ensure that residents receive their housing choices. We are experienced in identifying residents' housing needs and preferences and have systems in place to house families in new living environments that best suit those needs.

A number of HOU staff are certified to perform Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspections. Our ability to perform this service as part of our relocation contracts can often expedite the lease‐up process and the actual pace of relocating affected households from projects slated for redevelopment.