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Washington Village Relocation FAQs

Updated September 2017

  1. Q: Who will be required to move out of Washington Village and who will receive relocation assistance?
    A: The present Washington Village community will be demolished so all of the residents will need to be relocated. All residents, regardless of when they moved in, will receive relocation assistance.

  2. Q. Will I be forced to leave the building without a place to go?
    A. No. Any relocation services provided at Washington Village are subject to federal rules, specifically the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended (URA). The URA requires the agency to provide effected residents with decent, safe and sanitary replacement housing which is comparable to the housing they are displaced from, and is appropriate for the family size. Services will only be provided to legal occupants of a dwelling (residents on the lease).

  3. Q: Who will be able to move directly into new Washington Village apartments?
    A: In the first two phases of construction there will be new Washington Village apartment available. Some residents will have the opportunity to move directly into a new apartment on site. Residents who choose this option will be selected based on the size of the apartment and housing needs of the household. Priority will be given to those living in buildings that will be demolished first and to elderly residents. Priority will also be given to Original Residents.

  4. Q. Will I have to find a place to live and pay for the move on my own? How long do I have to find a new place to live?
    A. The relocation process works best when there is a team approach, and for this reason, we will be working with Housing Opportunities Unlimited (HOU) a company with a great deal of experience with the relocation process. HOU will assist the residents in applying for a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV), finding replacement housing once the voucher has been received, and paying for security deposits and application fees. HOU will also act as advocates on behalf of the resident when dealing with the landlord. The costs associated with moving out of Washington Village will be included as part of relocation assistance. Once a voucher is received, residents and HOU have 90 days (or 3 months) to find suitable replacement housing. An extension of an additional 30 days can be granted if no unit is found within that timeframe as long as a valid explanation is given. No one will be placed in a shelter or on the street.

  5. Q: Will all residents have the right to return to the new Washington Village after being relocated?
    A: No. Households that were in residence in September 2013 and those who moved in prior to September 2014 are considered "Original Residents." This means you have a right to return to the new Washington Village as long as long as you are in compliance with your lease. Original residents who move out before relocation assistance is provided will still have a right to return. Residents who moved in after September 2014 will have the opportunity to return if apartments are still available after all of the Original Residents have been accommodated. They must also be in compliance with your lease as defined in the Re-Occupancy Plan.

  6. Q: Who will be provided Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) to move to private housing?
    Residents who are income eligible will have the option of using a Section 8 Voucher for renting a private apartment. Vouchers will be available to households seeking temporary housing before returning to the new Washington Village or can be used to relocate permanently.

  7. Q: If I receive a Housing Choice Voucher do I need to stay in Norwalk or can I move elsewhere?
    A: Relocation vouchers can be used anywhere within the United States. If you choose to move more than 50 miles from Norwalk, your moving expenses will not be covered.

  8. Q: Will my monthly rent go up after I am relocated to a new apartment?
    A: No. Regardless of how or where you choose to relocate, your monthly rent and utility allowance will continue to be determined by the same criteria as when you resided in Washington Village. If your income or utility allowance changes, your monthly rent will change accordingly.

  9. Q. How many rooms can I rent with the voucher? Can I rent a house instead of an apartment? Can my adult child move with me when I receive the voucher?
    A. The number of bedrooms you are required to have is based on your family composition. This is determined on a case by case basis according to the Occupancy Policy (ACOP). You may choose to rent a house or an apartment. An adult child may move with a parent as long as he/she is a legal occupant (on the lease).

  10. Q. Will I have to pay utilities at the apartment I am relocated to with a Housing Choice Voucher? What if the cost of utilities is too high? What if my utilities get cut off?
    A. Whether you do or do not pay utilities is solely based on what is required by the landlord. When you have your individual conference with the Relocation Office, you can discuss with them the pros and cons of renting a unit which includes utilities. HOU will assist you in a search for a unit according to your decision. In addition, utility providers usually have an energy assistance program to help you budget and regulate your utilities. If your utilities are included in the rent, the rent payment increases. If the utilities are not included, the rent payment is less. The amount of rent you will be paying will be the same in either case and is based on your income.

  11. Q: Will the rent at the new Washington Village be higher than the rent I pay now?
    A: No. Even though the new apartments will be larger and modern, the rent will be determined following the same formula as they have been at the present Washington Village. The actual rent will continue to be based on your income and the same formula will be used.

  12. Q. Will utilities be included in my rent at the new Washington Village?
    A. Some utilities will be included in your rent. All apartments will have an electric utility account for lighting, appliances and general electricity. This will be in the resident's name. All apartments (except those in Building A) will have heat, hot water and central air conditioning included in your rent. The small building at 13 Day Street, Building A, will be different from the other apartments and the heat, hot water and air conditioning will NOT be included in the rent. Residents in this building will have a gas utility account for heat and hot water. Phone, internet and cable TV service will also be in the resident's name.

  13. Q. Will handicapped accessible apartments be available at the new Washington Village?
    A. Yes. Several handicapped accessible apartments of various sizes will be available in each building within the new Washington Village complex.

  14. Q. How will the size of the apartments (number of bedrooms) be determined for each family at the new Washington Village?
    A. Returning residents will be offered an apartment sized appropriately for the size of the household. If your present apartment is too small for your family size, you will be offered a larger apartment. If your present apartment is larger than needed for your family size, you will be offered a smaller apartment.

  15. Q: Will it be possible to relocate to another Norwalk Housing Authority apartment complex?
    A: Yes. Should an apartment become available in certain other public housing communities it may be an option for relocation either temporarily or permanently. Age restrictions will apply to senior housing communities (62 years and older).

  16. Q: If I am ready to move out now can I obtain a Section 8 Voucher and move?
    A: No. Relocation vouchers and relocation assistance will be made systematically to insure an orderly transition and to accommodate the demolition schedule. Each household will receive formal notice when relocation assistance is available.

  17. Q: Which buildings will be the first to be demolished?
    A: The first phase of demolition will include buildings 200, 400, 500, 600, 700, and 800. Residents of these building will be relocated first. Once the second phase of the construction is near completion buildings 100, 300, 900, 1000,1100 and the community building will be removed.

  18. Q. When is the relocation process expected to start?
    A: Off-site relocation will likely begin in the summer of 2017. The first relocations to the new Washington Village will begin around December 2017 for the 10 unit Building A. The larger Building B will not be ready for occupancy until around April 2018.

  19. Q: When our household is relocated can my adult children get their own apartment?
    A: No. Household members cannot be added during the relocation process and families cannot be split into two households.

  20. Q: If I decide to relocate with a Section 8 Voucher rather than move to the new Washington Village will I have another opportunity to move back to Washington Village at some point in the future?
    A: No. When all of the new apartments at Washington Village have been leased the right to return will expire. If you decline the opportunity to return to Washington Village and original occupancy is complete, that decision is final. If you want to return to a public housing unit you will need to apply for the general waiting list.

  21. Q: Will my relocation Housing Choice Voucher expire after a few years?
    A: No. Your Section 8 Voucher will be available for as long as you remain income eligible and in compliance with your lease. You can also use the voucher if you decide to move to another apartment sometime in the future. All Housing Choice Vouchers are subject to continued funding by the federal government.

  22. Q. How long does the Section 8 voucher last? When I get a voucher, do I have to stay in the Norwalk area or can I move to another city or state?
    A. As with all Federal Programs, funding for the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) is subject to annual congressional approvals. Vouchers issued for Washington Village will last as
    long as any other HCVP. You must abide by the terms of your lease and comply with the HCVP requirements to maintain your voucher. You do not have to stay in the Norwalk area. You have the option to move to any other part of the city or to another city or state that has a Housing Authority willing to accept the voucher.

  23. Q. I understand the current waiting list to receive a voucher is very long. Will my name go on the same waiting list when I apply for a voucher?
    A. No. your name will not go on a waiting list to receive a voucher as there will be a separate allocation of vouchers for Washington Village.

  24. Q. What assistance will you provide to seniors and those with mobility issues or disabilities?
    A. Seniors and individuals with mobility issues or the disabled will be provided with the resources needed, including home visits, transportation assistance, and packing assistance.
    They will receive housing referrals which meet their special housing needs.

  25. Q. Will a criminal record or credit issues prevent me from getting a voucher?
    A. The head of household and family members must meet HCVP guidelines to receive assistance through a tenant-based Housing Choice Voucher. Therefore, there are circumstances where a family would not be eligible for a voucher: (1) the criminal background check indicates any conviction for sale and manufacture of methamphetamines and/or a member is a registered sex offender, or has been convicted of a felony in the past ten years. In the case of violent crime, the decision to deny eligibility may be reversed after a hearing. (2) the family is over income and makes too much money to qualify for assistance, (3) the family owes money to Norwalk Housing Authority or any Housing Authority. Private landlords typically perform credit reports and will consider credit history when reviewing applications.

  26. Q. Am I eligible for a voucher even if I have not been paying my rent at Washington Village?
    A. If you receive a judgment or are evicted for lease violation, you would not be eligible for relocation assistance. It is best to resolve any issues you have with management or pending legal actions prior to the beginning of the relocation process.

  27. (NEW) Q. When I move into the new Washington Village, can I bring my gas stove and other kitchen appliances?
    A. No. New appliances will be provided with the new apartment. There is no gas service in the kitchens so all of the new stoves are electric.

  28. (NEW) Q. In Building B at 20 Day Street the apartments will have central air conditioning. Will tenants be responsible for the electricity for the air conditioning?
    A. No. Heating and air conditioning costs are included in your rent. Electricity within your apartment (lighting, kitchen appliances, outlets) will be the tenants' responsibility.

  29. (NEW) Q. Will there be handicapped accessible apartments within the new Washington Village?
    A. Yes. Ten percent or eight (8) of the apartments will be handicapped accessible. Building A at 13 Day Street will have one (1) accessible apartment and Building B at 20 Day Street will have seven (7) accessible apartments.

  30. (NEW) Q. How many parking spaces will there be and will there be designated parking for residents?
    A. Washington Village Phase I will have 80 apartments and 118 parking spaces on site. There will be an additional 15 parking spaces to residents of 13 and 20 Day Street at the present Washington Village site. At 20 Day Street, 48 of the spaces will be in a parking garage under the building. The remailing 70 spaces are open air surface parking. Every three apartments will have 5 parking spaces (1.66 spaces per apartment). With the exception of designated parking for vehicles with handicapped permits, none of the parking will be assigned to individual apartments or tenants.

  31. (NEW) Q. Will I be provided with an apartment with the same number of bedrooms in the new Washington Village as I have now?
    A. The new apartment at Washington Village will be sized to meet your family needs, "right sized." If the apartment you have now meets your family size needs, you will be provided an apartment with the same number of bedrooms. If you need an additional bedroom or have an extra bedroom, you will be "right sized" in the new community with a larger or smaller apartment as needed.

  32. (NEW) Q. How and when will I be notified that I have to move?
    A. You will receive a written notice 90 days in advance that it is time to relocate. This notice will be sent by registered mail and regular mail.

  33. (NEW) Q. What options are available to me once I receive the Notice to relocate?
    A. Several options are available. 1). You may be able to move directly into a new Washington Village apartment subject to the availability of apartments. 2). You may be provided with a Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) and be assisted with locating a suitable apartment on the open market within or outside of Norwalk. 3). You may be provided an opportunity to move into another public housing community operated by the Norwalk Housing Authority, and 4). If you qualify, you can use your relocation assistance as a down payment to purchase a home.

  34. (NEW) Q. What are my options for moving (A) and moving expenses (B)? Yolanda
    A. 1). Free Move (No out of pocket cost) with $100 dislocation allowance. 2). Self-move with fixed moving cost payment based on room size to include kitchen and bathroom. Ex. 3 rooms= $1,000.00, 4 rooms= $1,180.00, 5 rooms= $1,425.00, 6 rooms= $1,670.00. 3). Self-move with reimbursement for actual reasonable moving and related expenses not to exceed cost of a commercial move.

  35. (NEW) Q. What should I do with personal property and furnishings that I don't want to take with me?
    A. When the relocation process starts, a dumpster will be provided at Washington Village for the disposal of bulk items. For large furniture and appliances needing special handling assistance will be provided to insure for the proper disposal of items.

  36. (NEW) Q. What will happen to my present security deposit?
    A. If you move to a new Washington Village unit, your security deposit will be transferred and no additional security will be required. If you move to another Norwalk Housing Authority community, the security deposit will also be transferred. If you move off-site with a Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8), your security deposit funds will be transferred to the new landlord and financial assistance will be provided to meet whatever additional security deposit funding the new lease requires. This assistance will be provided in the form of a zero interest loan payable when you move out of the new apartment.

  37. (NEW) Q. Will the income eligibility guidelines be different at the new Washington Village?
    A. Yes. Presently the income limit is set at 80% on the area median income. The new Washington Village is more restrictive and is limited to those with income under 60% of the area median income. A table with the income limits by family size is available for your review.

    - Family Size 1, Income Limit 50% AMI $58,980
    - Family Size 2, Income Limit 50% AMI $67,440
    - Family Size 3, Income Limit 50% AMI $75,840
    - Family Size 4, Income Limit 50% AMI $84,240
    - Family Size 5, Income Limit 50% AMI $91,020
    - Family Size 6, Income Limit 50% AMI $97,740
    - Family Size 7, Income Limit 50% AMI $104,460
    - Family Size 8, Income Limit 50% AMI $111,240

  38. (NEW) Q. Why are you still working on financing for the second phase of construction? Don't you already have a grant from HUD?
    A. Yes, we received a $30 million Choice Neighborhood Implementation grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. However, the total development cost of all
    phases of construction is estimated to be $150 million. So, Trinity Financial and NHA are pursuing additional public and private dollars to complete the project.

  39. (NEW) Q. Will I have to pay for my own utilities?
    A. Yes, all residents will need to pay for their electricity directly to South Norwalk Electric & Water (SNEW). In addition, residents of the townhouse units will need to pay for their gas for heating and hot water directly to Eversource. You will be provided with a utility allowance which is calculated for each utility by bedroom size. This utility allowance will be deducted from your rent bill, so the amount you owe to Trinity Management will be reduced. There is also an opportunity to apply for fuel assistance during the winter months to cover heating bills. Your Case Manager can assist with locating the local agency taking applications.

  40. (NEW) Q. What amenities will be available in the new units?
    A. Washer/dryer, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, built-in microwave.

  41. (NEW) Q. What amenities will be offered at the site?
    A. Fitness/yoga room, roof deck (mid-rise), multi-purpose room that can be reserved for private events, bike racks and a bike storage cage.

  42. (NEW) Q. What security measures will be employed at the new site?
    A. On-site staff at an on-site management office, security cameras, intercom/video system, key fobs (instead of conventional apartment keys).

  43. (NEW) Q. I am concerned about the quality of the wall construction and whether I will be able to hear my neighbors?
    A. The common walls, floors and ceilings will all be filled with acoustic insulation to minimize sound transmission. It is not possible to eliminate all sound. Quiet time hours will be set forth in House Rules that will be discussed with residents when we get closer to the re-occupancy start.

  44. (NEW) Q. What if there is a change in my family size?
    A. Trinity Management will maintain an internal transfer list and existing residents that require a transfer will have priority over new applicants. Changes in household composition need to be
    reported to Management as has been the practice with the Housing Authority.

  45. (NEW) Q. I am concerned about the common hallways in the mid-rise because we have problems public urination and unauthorized access in common hallways in the midrise building.
    A. Maintaining the common hallways is part of the basic property management function and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

  46. (NEW) Q. Will any of the market rate units be for sale?
    A. No, the market rate units are only rental.

  47. (NEW) Q. What services and amenities will be available for children?
    A. The Learning Center building will not be demolished until the third phase of construction so that will continue to be available. A new centralized Learning Center is planned off site. If this is
    not yet available when needed, a temporary Learning Center facility will be established in the first floor of the Phase II building.

  48. (NEW) Q. Will there be newcomers?
    A. In addition to the 136 public housing units to be built to accommodate existing Washington Village residents that return, there will be 137 tax credit and market rate units built to create a mixed-income community. As replacement public housing units become available in the future (post re-occupancy), applicants on the Housing Authority waiting list will be considered for

  49. (NEW) Q. Will there be more parking?
    A. Yes, there will be a significant increase in off-street parking at both Phase I sites. Building A will have 20 spaces for 10 units and Building B will have 98 spaces for 70 units. In addition,
    there will be 15 additional parking spaces at the present Washington Village property available to Phase I residents.

  50. (NEW) Q. Will parking stickers be issued?
    A. Trinity Management has not yet determined if there will be assigned parking and/or parking stickers. This will be discussed further with residents when we get closer to re-occupancy.

  51. (NEW) Q. What happens if you go over the income limit after you move-in?
    A. You can remain in your unit but you must pay the maximum tax credit amount for rent.

  52. (NEW) Q. Who do I call if I have a maintenance emergency?
    A. Trinity Management will provide you with a phone number to call to report maintenance issues, including emergencies.

  53. (NEW) Q. Where will I go for my annual recertification?
    A. You will complete the annual recertification with Trinity  Management staff at the new on-site management office.

  54. (NEW) Q. Will the name of the site change?
    A. Yes. Trinity Financial has hired a Norwalk based public relations and marketing firm to develop a new name for the development and create branding and marketing materials for the new community.

  55. (NEW) Q. What happens if the elevator breaks-down in the mid-rise?
    A. There will be two elevators in the mid-rise building. If one is out-of-order, there will be another one available. Generators are being installed so that the elevators will be operational in a power outage.

  56. (NEW) Q. If I lose my job, will my rent be calculated the same in the new Washington Village?
    A. Yes, if you report a change in income, Trinity Management will recalculate your rent based upon 30% of the new adjusted gross income just like NHA does now.

  57. (NEW) Q. Will I still be able to pay flat rent in the new community?
    A. We are still working out the details about flat rents in the new community. Based on a preliminary analysis we believe using a Flat Rent would not result in any savings to residents in most cases.

  58. (NEW) Q. Will street closures for the utility work effect the school bus stop?
    A. Yes. Day Street and Raymond Street will be closed for utility work in the autumn of 2017. The Board of Education is aware of this activity and will be adopting an alternative bus route

  59. (NEW) Q. Is the new housing being built across the street by Spinnaker related to the Washington Village redevelopment?
    A. No, but there may be a limited number of apartment available to Washington Village residents planning to relocate with Section 8 vouchers.

  60. (NEW) Q. When will we get boxes to pack?
    A. Apartment 304 at Washington Village will be used as a distribution center for boxes and packing materials. When you need packing supplies, contact the Relocation Coordinator to
    schedule a pick-up.

  61. (NEW) Q. Will we be able to visit a finished apartment before we move in?
    A. Yes. An apartment at 13 Day Street, #108, is scheduled for early completion and will be available for viewing as a model unit.

  62. (NEW) Q. Will there be any employment opportunities with this development?
    A. Yes. In addition to the construction jobs now being created there may be maintenance work opportunities once the first buildings are complete.

  63. (NEW) Q. What will be the policy for pets?
    A. The new community will have a no pets policy. Service animals are permitted with the approval of a Reasonable Accommodation. If you have been permitted to keep a pet in accordance with the existing Norwalk Housing Authority policy, you will be permitted to keep the previously approved pet.