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Cycle of Giving

young lady with cap and gown outside

One of the goals of the NHF Scholarship Program is to create a cycle of giving among recipients. We encourage our current and former recipients to volunteer their time, talents and gifts.

  • Scholarship recipients participate in sessions created for middle and high school students in the Norwalk Housing Authority Learning Center after school program. We want to encourage the younger students to start thinking about college. Scholarship recipients mentor younger students so college does not seem like a possibility for a few but rather a reality for many.

  • Scholarship recipients give short presentations about their major in college to expose young students to the many educational possibilities in college.

  • One of our proudest achievements is when a former scholarship recipient gives back to the program with their time, talent and financial support. They are supporting students who are now where they once were. We want this cycle to continue and grow as the program grows.