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"I have been given an opportunity many people I know aren't given.

For four years straight, I've struggled with a lot but thanks to NHF, paying for school is not one of those things."
- NHF Scholarship Recipient

More Than Money

The NHF Scholarship Program launched in 1998 with only two undergraduate scholarships and $5,000 awarded. By 2020, the NHF had administered more than $2.1 million through scholarships to 261 students. We help Norwalk Housing residents get into college, stay in college, and earn a college degree. A successful outcome means that a scholarship recipient matriculates, earns a degree, acquires the skills to be career ready, and can effectively compete in today's job market. Our Scholarship Program means more than just giving money; we want it to be a life-changing opportunity through a cycle of giving.


  • 100% of scholarship program contributions go directly to fund scholarships
  • More than $2.1 million awarded to 261 students since 1998
  • Largest public housing authority college scholarship program in New England
  • Recognized by Harvard University's Ash Center in its 2015 Top 25 Innovations in American Government Awards
  • Award of Excellence from National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO)

About Our Students

  • Nearly 100% are first generation college students who self-identify as African American or Hispanic
  • 75% graduation rate for four-year schools and 48% graduation rate for two-year schools
  • 100% of population served is low-income
  • Average annual family income of our NH residents is below $20,000 (2016 poverty threshold for a family of four is $24,250)

2019-2020 NHF Scholarship Recipients

  • 46 Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship Recipients who received $221,500 in scholarships

  • 83% of 2019-20 recipients attended four-year institutions (35% CT public universities, 48% private institutions)

  • 2 graduate school scholarship recipients (program instituted in 2015)

  • (A University of Connecticut Medical School student became a Doctor in December 2020)

  • 5 students were pursuing medical related degrees. (This number rose to 9 students in 2020-21 when the COVID pandemic came and 12 additional students in related health and community support careers.)

  • One student, studying in London and graduating in International Relations in June 2021 was selected by his school, Richmond, the American International University, to give the Commencement Address. He also was President of his school and is planning to do graduate work in England to understand the international perspective and world affairs.

  • Past recipients have graduated from University of Connecticut, Norwalk Community College, American University, Fairfield University, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Bridgeport, and other prestigious universities. In 2021, we will send a Freshman to Howard University and to Prat institute.

Scholarship Program:
Carla Conway, Head, NHF Scholarship Program
Email Carla Conway
NHF Cell: 203.962.2755