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December 10, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Meeting

The Regular Meeting and Public Hearing of the Housing Authority of the City of Norwalk was held at 6:00 PM December 10, 2019. 

CNI Offices
149 Water Street
Norwalk, CT 06854

Jeffery A. Ingraham, Vice Chairman
Sheri Brown, Treasurer
Rahoul Dupervil, Commissioner
Brenda Penn-Williams, Commissioner (arrived at 6:22)

Cesar Ramirez, Chairman

Adam Bovilsky, Executive Director
Tom Ivers, Director of Choice Neighborhood Initiative
Kras Carlucci, Director of Operations
Kara Capone, Director of Grants & Development
Joe Francis, Acting Director of Maintenance
Greg Lickwola, Construction Manager
Tom Ivers, CNI Director
Tianna Brown, Assistant Learning Center Director
Leigh Morfoot, Kinobserver

Carol Vaughan, Nan McKay 

Meeting opened at 6:25 PM.

Adam Bovilsky opened the meeting. Due the absence of Chairman Ramirez, Vice Chairman Jeffrey Ingraham served as acting chair.  Commissioner Dupervil, Commissioner Brenda Penn-Williams and Commissioner Brown were in attendance and a quorum was established.  

New Business:

For administrative purposes, availability of staff, Mr. Bovilsky recommended first reviewing proposed modifications to the NHA Travel Policy.

16-50 Commission Brown moved to approve 

h. Modifications to  NHA Staff and Commissioner travel policy.

Commissioner Penn-Williams seconded the motion

Commissioner Brown
Commissioner Dupervil
Commission Penn-Williams
Commissioner Ingraham



With amendments removing the written reports requirement, item #5, and if necessary, during Nov-March adding an extra travel day: 

All in favor. Motion was carried.


Old Business:

As a result of the discussion of a. CNI Occupancy Relocation and Occupancy Plan discussion

16-51 Commissioner Penn-Williams moved to amend the current Re-Occupancy policy, to remove Credit and Criminal background checks except for lifetime sex offenders.

Commissioner Dupervil seconded the motion. 

Donna Lattarulo took the floor to define lease compliance as it relates to returning residents of Washington Village/Soundview Landing. Donna Lattarulo explained that as certain criminal activity can violate terms of the lease, as well as the inability to start a utility account, it is necessary to complete a criminal background check and credit check to determine lease compliance. Discussion regarding the merits of background checks followed.

Commissioner Penn-Williams
Commissioner Dupervil 

Commissioner Brown
Commissioner Ingraham


Motion failed.


At 7:10  Carol Vaughan of Nan McKay joined the meeting by telephone.

Commissioner Penn-Williams left the meeting.

Commissioners took a brief recess and rejoined the meeting at 7:17 PM.

Vice Chairman Ingraham opened Public Hearing portion of the meeting regarding the Norwalk Housing 2020-2024 Five Year Plan. 

As there were no comments, the Public comment segment was closed by Vice Chairman Ingraham.

New Business:

16-51  Commissioner Dupervil moved to approve: 

a.  the Norwalk Housing 5-Year Plan 2020-2024  

Commissioner Brown seconded the motion.                  

Commissioner Brown
Commissioner Dupervil
Commissioner Ingraham



All in Favor. Motion carried.


At 7:30

Commissioner Brown left the meeting. It was noticed that quorum was thus lost.

The meeting adjourned due to lack of quorum.


Respectfully submitted,
Adam Bovilsky
Executive Director/Secretary