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September 30, 2021 Special Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Meeting

The Special Meeting of the Housing Authority of the City of Norwalk was held at 6:00 PM Thursday September 30, 2021.

LOCATION: Zoom Video Conference


Jeffery A. Ingraham, Chair
Brenda Penn-Williams, Vice Chair
Liza Bermúdez-Montgomery, Commissioner
Rahoul Dupervil, Commissioner

ABSENT: Sheri Brown, Treasurer


Adam Bovilsky, Executive Director
Anna Keegan, Director of Housing Operations
Kras Carlucci, Deputy Director
Cydney Jones, Consultant to NHA from Nan McKay

Meeting began at 6:03 PM.

Chairman Ingraham opened the meeting via Zoom video and recognized the following present - Vice Chair Brenda Penn-Williams, Commissioner Liza Bermúdez-Montgomery, and Commissioner Rahoul Dupervil. He then acknowledged the existence of a quorum.

Adam Bovilsky stated the sole purpose of this meeting was to approve Norwalk Housing's application to become designated as a HUD Moving to Work (MTW) agency. He stated MTW is an experimental program HUD uses to test initiatives which may eventually become HUD policy. The Norwalk Housing application is being submitted under Cohort #4 - Landlord incentives. The goal of this Cohort is to provide landlord incentives which increase Section 8 tenants' access to neighborhoods of greater opportunity. At the same time as the program provides benefits to landlords and Section 8 tenants, receiving a MTW designation allows a Housing Authority greater administrative flexibility. Ms. Carlucci emphasized HUD's selection process is conducted by lottery.

Chairman Ingraham called for a vote.

17-88 Commissioner Rahoul Dupervil moved to approve:

a. Discussion and Approval of the Norwalk Housing Authority Application to HUD for Move to Work (MTW) designation under Landlord Flexibility Cohort #4.

Commissioner Brenda Penn-Williams seconded the motion.

Commissioner Ingraham
Commissioner Penn-Williams
Commissioner Liza Bermúdez-Montgomery
Commissioner Rahoul Dupervil

All in favor. Motion was carried.

At 6:21 pm

Commissioner Dupervil moved to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Liza Bermúdez-Montgomery seconded the motion.

All in favor.

The meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Adam Bovilsky
Executive Director