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Landlord Incentives

NHA is part of an expansion of Moving To Work (MTW) agencies referred to as the "Landlord Incentives Cohort". The NHA will initially focus on landlord incentives to increase the pool of landlords participating in the program, particularly in higher opportunity neighborhoods, which in turn will increase housing choices for our Section 8 families. NHA will use MTW flexibility to 1) establish higher payment standards in high opportunity neighborhoods which will give participants greater access to more neighborhoods, 2) pay landlords up to one-month contract rent as reimbursement for time the unit spends vacant between HCV participants, and 3) reimburse landlords for tenant-caused damages that cannot be covered entirely by the tenant's security deposit for up to the amount of two months contract rent after tenancy.

For more information, please see Moving to Work under the About Us tab or contact Ms. Anna Keegan, Director of Policy and Moving to Work, at 203-354-1806.